Engine & Firewall Forward

At Raven we have been providing robust and reliable engine components for many years. We manufacture our parts to exacting standards and they have proven themselves in the field. Our leading product is our inverted oil system which has proven to be reliable and trouble free. All of our systems are powder coated and feature Stainless Steel internal parts that will never corrode.

Click here for more information on our inverted oil systems        Click here for photos of inverted systems and components

We have been investing in high performance induction and exhaust systems, and now a new lightweight aerobatic cold air intake and sump combo, called the Raptor.

Click here for more information on the Raptor       Click here for more information on our 6 Cyl Intake systems

We now can build custom high performance exhaust for almost any aircraft, we can also build exhaust for most aftermarket sumps, these include Superior and Titan cold air systems, please email or call for pricing for your aircraft!

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Engine Mounts
360 Mount Ring  $279
540 Mount Ring  $297
360 Full Mount  $687
540 Full Mount  $Call

Intake/Exhaust Systems

6 Cyl Cold Air Intake RSA-5  $1,845
6 Cyl Cold Air Intake RSA-10  $1,845
4 Cyl Raptor Aluminum Sump/Cold Air Kit  $2,997
6 Cyl Exhaust/Intake Kit  (F1/Harmon Rocket)  Click here for more info
6 Cyl Exhaust  $1,995
4 Cyl 4-into-1 Exhaust (Pitts S1)  $1,635
4 Cyl 4-into-1 Exhaust (Eagle/Skybolt)  $1,725
                          K series/Angle valve cold air system – $1,995.00 – click here for more info
Inverted Oil System
Standard Inverted Oil System  $727
Inverted Valve/mount Only  $394
Air oil separator/mount Only  $374
Vac Adapter  $235
Non Accessory Vac Adaptor  $74
Sump Fitting kit – Straight ftg  $355
Sump Fitting kit – 45 Degree  ftg $429
45 degree Swivel Sump Fitting $177
Half Raven kit (Includes return fitting) $397 


All pricing in US dollars.