Aircraft & Wing drawings

Raven 2XS Aircraft Drawings – $395.00 – Updated drawings available now

We’ve taken knowledge accumulated over years of experience to design and construct our own two-seat Raven 2XS. This aircraft is a streamlined high performance fully aerobatic biplane powered by a 6 cylinder Lycoming engine. It incorporates the best design features of many different aerobatic aircraft in addition to innovations that have come from our own experience, resulting in a truly unique and exciting high performance aircraft package. The drawings also include builder’s notes.

Wing Drawings – $165.00 – Updated drawings available now

We also offer a set of detailed 2XS wing and wing related drawings to retrofit to most S2 and Eagle styles of Biplanes. These drawings also include builders notes.

Important: Contact us for the latest drawings revisions as the non updated drawings are considered Non Airworthy.

Click on this link for construction detail photos – 2XS Detail photos


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Raven 2XS SpecificationsLength 19′ 4″
Wing span 19′ 2″
Height 6′ 6″
Wing area 119.4 sq ft
Fuel Capacity 37 gal
Empty weight 1180 lbs
Gross weight 1780 lbs
Performance 2XS (cp. Pitts S2C*)Top speed, level 200 mph (196mph)
Cruise speed 188 mph (172 mph)
Stall speed 60 mph (64 mph)
Roll rate 330 deg/sec (300deg/sec)
Rate of climb 3300 fpm (2900 fpm)
*as published by Aviat.Raven3