K series/Angle valve Cold Air System

IMG_6445Here is our new IO 540 K series Cold Air Intake System – This system will bolt right on any stock K series sump, this is an excellent alternative to add a cold air system and re-direct your servo to face forward, if you have room in your cowl or are able to modify your cowl. This system does lower the plenum and servo as compared to using our parallel valve sump system.  Comes with plate, mounts and hardware – $1,995.00

We also build 6 cyl cold air intakes for Airboats with the servo pointing away from the propeller (Which would be correct for an Airboat) We can build them for any combination of sumps/cylinders. Shown is a photo of an intake for an angle valve sump with parallel valve cylinders. $1,895.00 to $1,995.00

Airboat intake 003