6 Cylinder IO 540 Induction System

New RSA 5 intake 0036 Cyl IO540 Cold Air Induction System (RSA 5) $1,895                                  6 Cyl IO540 Cold Air Induction System (RSA 10) $1,895 

Shown here is our RSA 5 Cold Air Intake System for the parallel valve IO 540. The plenum is aluminum and uses 321 stainless steel for the intake tubes.

These systems bolt directly to the 250/260 HP parallel valve engine, they can be made to fit the 300 HP K series angle valve engine by installing a parallel valve sump. Alternatively we offer a direct bolt on for the K series as well – Click here for K series details

We have a number of versions of this system available: One for the RSA 5 Servo in a straight or angled up configuration. For the RSA 10 Servo we offer them in a raised position and angled up which makes modifications to some cowlings (such as the Pitts Special) easier.

We also offer these in a rear facing configuration, this is for specialized applications and works great for an Airboat. (Click the K series link above for more information.)

The intake kits comes with all hardware needed to install the system.

With our Cold Air system there is no need to replace your existing sump as this system fits under the stock sump and can be fitted without removing the sump from your engine.

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