We offer everything from single fittings to complete wing kits, these kits utilize 30% hinge point ailerons. As well we offer a retrofit 30% aileron kit for existing wings. We also offer a number of parts for the experimental S2 including the same performance modifications that make the wing substantially stronger than stock for extreme use.

Be sure to check out our performance engine parts – (The newest version of our popular Inverted Oil system now has a CnC’d valve body), we also offer 4 and 6 cyl cold air induction and exhaust systems.

If you like performing basic positive G aerobatics and are tired of cleaning oil off the belly of your aircraft, we sell our aerobatic Oil / Air separator separately, (referred to as the “Half Raven System”), the half system prevents most of the oil from venting overboard during momentary negative G maneuvers. (Caution, this half system does not have anything to do with the oil pressure portion of the engine).

For photos of the half system click here

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