Raven Inverted Oil System

Oil pressure is critical to aircraft engine operation and longevity!  An aircraft engine draws its oil supply from a sump via an oil pump and pick-up tube.  Oil must be available at the oil pump pickup tube at all times.  If at any time there is no oil available at the oil pick-up tube there will be immediate loss of oil pressure and no oil will be circulated through the engine. The Raven Inverted Oil System is designed to address this problem.

If you are getting tired of cleaning the belly of your aircraft when only performing positive “G” aerobatics, and do not require a full inverted system we offer the air/oil separately. (Coined the “Half Raven System”). By installing the separator only you will reduce the amount of oil vented overboard substantially! 

Our inverted systems now feature an improved CnC machined valve.

We have designed sump fitting kits for all of the stock and aftermarket sumps available today. For stock angle valve sumps we offer an extended fitting for better oil pickup, we also offer an option for K series sumps.

We offer our standard air/oil separator in 2 different sizes (4″ or 5″ dia) to suit your specific application.

Standard Inverted Oil System  $769 – Check valve, tank, mounts & clamps                                                                Half Raven kit – Includes sump return fitting $438.00
Check Valve only – Includes mount & clamps  $435
Oil/air Separator only – Includes mount & Clamps  $384

Non Accessory Vac Adaptor  $87

Sump Fitting kit – With straight screen fitting  $429 
K series sump fitting kit  $435
Sump Fittings kit – With 45 Degree swivel fitting  $529
45 degree Swivel Fitting – Sold separately $189                                                                                                               
*All sump kit fittings are available individually, inquire for pricing*             

Weld boss kits for converting standard to AEIO sumps, (Kits come with tig rod)                                                                            Aluminum – 1 boss $39 2 boss $69             Magnesium 1 boss $55 2 boss $95

Raven Inverted Oil Systems Diagrams 

Inverted oil system & component photos

Modified 540 Sump – AEIO conversion