S1-SS High Performance Wing Kit

S1-SS Wing Kit – S2C Half Round Tip $8,797
S1-SS Wing Kit – Square Tip $8,797

We offer a retrofit wing kit that will fit any standard S1fuselage featuring built-up truss ribs, wooden leading edges and improvements to the spars for additional strength. This kit also features large 52″ -60″ 30% hinge point ailerons with three hinges per aileron.

Not looking for a complete wing kit? We also offer an aileron kit to convert any S1 or S2 wing to 30% hinge point ailerons which includes all ribs, spars, plywood and fittings. Our wing kits feature pre-built truss-type ribs – lighter and stronger than plywood; wooden leading edges for high strength; flush clear inspection panels for ease of maintenance and inspection; flush fuel cap in wing tank (wing tank optional); slave struts mounted behind “I” struts. This kit comes complete with formed leading edges, all ribs built, and spars milled.

Included are all of the plywood parts, all new improved fittings and all specialized hardware (bellcranks, hinges, support plates, I-strut attach points, idlers, push/pull control tubes, etc.

* Everything is included in the kit except for bearings and standard AN hardware.