Wing Kits & Components

Raven offers retrofit wing and aileron kits that will fit any standard S1, S1-11, S2, or Eagle II fuselage, featuring built-up truss ribs, wooden leading edges and improvements to the spars and other areas for additional strength. Our most popular wing kit is the S1-SS Wing Kit, our kit comes with wooden leading edges, SS style 52″ 30% hinge point ailerons, beefed up milled spars, custom tips, all fabricated hardware including stainless drag/anti drag wires with rolled threads.

Wing & Aileron Kits*
S1-SS Wing Kit  $8,897
S1-SS Wing Kit (UK Version)  $8,997
S-1-11 Wing Kit  $12,779
S-2A Wing Kit  $12,967 
S-2B/E Wing Kit  $12,967
Eagle II Wing Kit  $12,967

*Wing Kits include wooden Aileron Kits in the pricing. You can select 2 hinge or 3 hinge, along with a number of tip styles.

Aileron Kits
S1-SS 2xHinge Aileron Kit  $1.797
S1-SS 3xHinge Aileron Kit  $1,997
S2 2xHinge Aileron Kit  $1,877
S2 3xHinge Aileron Kit  $1,977
Eagle II 2xHinge Aileron Kit  $1,877
Eagle II 3x Hinge Aileron Kit  $1,977

Wing Components
S1 Plywood Leading Edges  $647
S2 Plywood Leading Edges  $767
S-1-11B Plywood Leading Edges  $697
Fiberglass leading Edge Tips  $257
* Wooden leading edges are the single most effective change you can make to your stock wings, if you do nothing else adding wooden leading edges will strengthen your wings considerably!


All pricing in US dollars.



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