Raven 2XS CAD Plans Set

Raven 2xs plans set:      $395.00                      Drawings include: 

  • 25 detailed and high quality sheets with CAD drawings
  • Sheets include: Threeview, basic fuselage construction, detailed fuselage construction (in 3D), every part that needs to be fabricated (or purchased) for the fuselage, the control system, empennage, firewall and instrument panels, turtledeck, fuel tank(s), detailed wing construction diagrams including ribs, lower and upper wings, and options, 30% offset symmetrical wooden ailerons, engine mount, and more.
  • Tips and tricks are annotated throughout the drawings

To order, download and print the license agreement, once completed scan and email back to us at: ravenair@uniserve.com


Click on this link to download the latest plans revisions: Raven 2XS revisions docx

All pricing in US Dollars.